What Type of Reader Are You?

Updated: Jun 13

Reading is a very personal experience, and we all have our own reading styles. Are you one of the 10 described below or a combination? At the end of the day, own your preference(s) and continue to read the books you love!

The Audio Book Addict – Often on the go, has a limited attention span or simply enjoys the convenient format.

The Book Clubber -- The Book Clubber makes most reading decisions based on what the book club has decided, or the latest influencer recommendation.

The Fickle Reader – The Fickle Reader can never work through an entire book. Half-read tomes are a trademark.

The Fiction Fanatic – The Fiction Fanatic tends to be bored by facts with no interest in reading about how things are or were. It's all about stories from other worlds, other times, and other dimensions.

The Hopeless Romantic -- The category is self-explanatory. Know that when the movie is finally announced, this person will have something to say about it!

The Nonfiction Nerd -- From self-help to travel memoirs, the Nonfiction Nerd prefers facts over fiction; content to devour numbers, historical accounts, and all kinds of real-life stories.

The Repeat Reader – The Repeat Reader has a very specific preference and won’t hear otherwise. Each book is to be cherished and read multiple times.

The Serial Binge-Reader -- Once addicted to a group of characters or a particular writer’s style, The Serial Binge-Reader can’t stop and won’t stop until completely caught up with the series.

The Spoiler Lover -- This person needs to know how the book ends immediately. While for most of us this would completely ruin the experience (why bother to read the story at all?!), for The Spoiler Lover, this is a must.

The Vacation Reader -- Sometimes the only chance to dive into a good book is when on holiday. The Vacation Reader loves to unwind with a page-turner (whether it be a crime chronicle or riveting romance), either on the beach, a train or sitting at the local coffee spot.

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