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The Joy of Reading

Reading isn’t a passive pursuit. Benefits run the gamut -- such as improving memory and vocabulary, introducing new ideas, providing inspiration, and sharpening focus and concentration.

These tips may be exactly what you need to provide the motivation to enthusiastically embrace an activity that’s never without reward.

The List -- Begin by writing down books you’d enjoy based on your interests or subject matter helpful to achieve a personal or professional goal. A simple Google search will produce countless recommendations.

Goal--Oriented -- Set a goal to include reading a certain number of books each month/year or pages each day. A couple of tools to assist are Goodreads (the largest community of book readers on the internet) or Candl which is private and non-social.

Time Sensitive – Scheduling is a MUST. Whether it’s setting an alarm, placing a recurring time on your calendar, or selecting a reminder app such as Read More or Candlewaster, do whatever it takes to get it in writing. How about first thing in the morning, during your commute, during lunch, before going to sleep or a combination?

Your Oasis – Identify a quiet space that’s free of distractions. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination – any outdoor venue, a comfortable chair or sofa, local coffee hangout, café or bookstore, and of course, the tried-and-true local library.

Distraction Free – Place your phone elsewhere, switched to Airplane Mode for good measure and move far away from your laptop and TV.

Break Old Habits – Substitute watching the latest streaming series, video game, or TikTok challenge with a tantalizing tome.

Get Active -- Think about what you’re reading, highlight significant passages or write comments and notes either on the book’s margins or in a separate notebook. If it’s a smartphone or eBook, use the highlighting and note features.

Journal It – Write down inspirational quotes and/or thoughts related to the book as well as any comments on what you’ve read. Review later for inspiration or to refresh your memory.

Quitting Time – There’s no reason to force yourself to complete a book you dislike. If it’s boring or disappointing, drop it and begin a different one. Usually, 50-pages is a reliable affinity gauge.

Book Juggling – Bored or losing momentum with one book? Add another! No rule says you must concentrate on one book. Parallel or “poly” reading is now a thing. There can be an odd joy mined when tackling multiple books at once. You may find a serendipitous synergy between two seemingly disconnected titles.

Two is Better Than One – A reading partner (friend, colleague or significant other) or book club will provide human interaction that’s especially motivating. Reading the same material with someone you value encourages meaningful interaction and discussion. Not possible? The Bookship or Byzans apps provide a “chat café” experience to interact with fellow readers.

Have Book, Will Travel – Take material with you at all times, whether physical or electronic so it’s available at when you have downtime to spare whether at the market or an appointment.

Tomestic’s sole intention is to elevate the reading experience for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Our patent-pending technology will generate and deliver extended reality content to physical, electronic, and audio media designed to enhance learning comprehension and long-term memory. There’s virtually no limit to the volume of Living Books we can create for people of all backgrounds and abilities to enjoy.

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