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What’s an Organic Photovoltaic

Updated: May 3, 2022

What’s an Organic Photovoltaic device and its impact on today’s consumer?

Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) devices convert solar energy to electrical energy. A typical OPV device consists of one or several photoactive materials sandwiched between two electrodes.

OPVs have received widespread attention due to promising qualities, such as solution processability, tunable electronic properties, low temperature manufacture, and cheap and light materials. While several other photovoltaic technologies have higher efficiencies, OPVs remain advantageous due to the low material toxicity, cost, and environmental impact.

The new breakthrough in solar cell technology means portable electronic devices could soon be recharged while on the move, in low light levels and partial shading like solar panels. The result is an organic solar cell that generates a high voltage sufficient to recharge a lithium-ion battery directly.

Advantages of organic solar cells are low weight and flexibility, ease of integration into various products, lower manufacturing costs compared to conventional inorganic technologies such as silicon solar cells, and new market opportunities which translates to accessibility.

Elements of these high voltage cells perform well in different light conditions, even if in areas with low levels of sunlight, which makes them ideal for consumer electronic devices. Due to the success of solar technology testing, the next step is to extend it outside the laboratory to make affordable OPV chargers available on a commercial scale.

The Organic Photovoltaic cell is a key component of Tomestic's IP and our Organic Living Book which will be embedded with flexible donor and acceptor molecules on its front and back cover as well as spine to facilitate natural and artificial light absorption. They’ll provide the book’s power, allowing it to continuously charge and deliver an Augmented Reality experience any time of day, regardless of the light source.

We’re enthusiastic about harnessing OPV capabilities and look forward to what lies ahead for millions of readers worldwide when they experience our immersive technology. To quote the late, great Marshall McLuhan, “The medium is the message”! You can find a detailed system and method diagram of our Organic Living Book at tomestic.com. #systemsinnovation#technologysolutions#extendedreality#augmentedreality#immersivelearning#whatsnext

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