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What is UX?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The conventional definition of UX, or 'user experience' runs like this: "...how a user interacts with and experiences a product, system, or service. It includes a person's perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency. Improving user experience is important to most companies, designers, and creators when creating and refining products because negative user experience can diminish the use of the product and, therefore, any desired positive impacts; conversely, designing toward profitability often conflicts with ethical user experience objectives and even causes harm." (Wikipedia)

It's pretty obvious that companies want their users, or customers, to have positive feelings about their experience with a product or service. But what about the bigger picture: is use of this product a net benefit?

At Tomestic, one of our primary concerns is your well-being. One of our goals is to provide tools to entertain, educate and provide you with an experience that leaves you better off than you were before. Of course we want to design products which are easy and fun to use, in demand and popular; but we don't want to do that at the expense of your well-being. We are committed to doing our best to ensure that we're not adding to the stress of modern life, but doing everything we can to help alleviate it.

We aim to be an example of how things can be done differently so that as a result the common definition of 'user experience' will have to change.

One way of doing things differently is our approach. For example, you may have noticed there is no image accompanying this post - that was done on purpose to draw attention to the fact that we expect it, and though it serves no essential function to this post, it is expected and maybe seems a bit weird without it. We're experimenting, taking nothing for granted, and the result will be revolutionary user experiences.

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