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Tomestic: "Knowledge As Experience"

Knowledge is information and skill acquired through education and usually refers to the theoretical understanding of a subject. Experience can be defined as the practical contact with and observation of facts and events. Both provide information and knowledge but through different means. Knowledge focuses more on the theory and is usually accumulated within a shorter span of time whereas experience requires practice and application of the knowledge over a prolonged period.

Albert Einstein, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time, said it best. Knowledge without experience is simply information. If not applied regularly, it can’t grow or increase and may likely be lost over time. The best way to retain knowledge is through practical application. The more you apply it, the more likely you are to retain this knowledge.

At Tomestic, we view knowledge as experience. Specifically, the experience of interacting with our immersive Organic Living Book technology will automatically elevate and enhance the activity of learning, reading and interactive sharing.

We’re developing innovative ways to allow readers to engage with literature, such as giving them choices that affect a story’s outcome, create educational experiences that teach students about different topics and allow our audience to virtually step into the shoes of the writer.

Our focus is to create a new genre of books -- part game, part story, and part social media platform -- that encourage readers to interact with each other and the world around them. In addition, we’re developing new, interactive versions of popular books that engage readers on a deeper level, accompanied by a metaverse book club where members can discuss, share, and connect with others reading the same book.

All of these endeavors support Tomestic’s knowledge as experience literary medium. By harnessing extended reality and deep learning AI algorithms in tandem with Global Learning Environments, we’ll increase reading engagement which will create innovative experiences for readers and in turn, promote societal change.

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