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Tome Tip: Our Founder Uncovers How Intrinsic Intuition Will Separate Us From AI

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

As technology continues to develop, it’s essential we adapt an enlightened mindset to tackle the possibility of being kicked to the curb by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is where intrinsic intuition comes into play. While intrinsic means innate, inherent, inseparable, and essential, intuitive is spontaneous and doesn’t require conscious thought. We must overcome our “generic” status by exercising our intrinsic intuition so that it becomes second nature and eventually, a priceless “value add” for our chosen profession. Our CEO and Founder, Poet De'Medici, has more to say on the topic.

“You can be generic all you want to, but AI is going to be way better at it than you. A human’s value in the next 20-30 years will be how intrinsically intuitive you can be. It takes a very intrinsically intuitive person to know the difference between discovery and creation. When you go to the grocery store or to McDonald’s or there’s an AI robot cleaning your home…you can see where the world is going and all you’re going to have is your intrinsic intuition. So, people better start preparing now, flexing that muscle, strengthening their ability to be intuitive, to be wise and to express things that are of the soul’s quality than the generic level most people are on.”

“Generic is what a lot of people are now. It means when you have the choice to listen to your own inner voice or listen to what people expect out of you, like being politically correct, you choose political correctness. You choose when you can scratch the surface of something and still get by or go deep as you’re able to go to get the value of something.”

“Think about how many people work jobs and they just get by. Think about how many people who love to do something in their life, but they couldn’t figure out how to make money off it, so they’re doing something else because their excuse is, ‘I have kids.’ Well, you’re hurting these kids because your kids don’t listen to what you say, they follow what you do, they follow your energy. If you quit on yourself, then they’ll be quitters. This is why we now have a generation that’s unhappy, unsettled and unrested. Because they can only follow their parents. They feel that working a regular job is all there is.”

“Generic means the lack of using your fundamental instinctive, intuitive capabilities. Your life will be on a whole different trajectory if you use these capabilities then if you don’t. And that’s what’s going to separate you from AI. AI doesn’t have that ability. The same muscles, the neocortex, the front part of the brain that you’re using to judge and analyze everything -- AI has that same ability and it’s better than you at it. Your only value and only way of doing something in life that surpasses that is being a person who’s starting to activate more intuitive, abstract parts of the human experience. I think companies like Tomestic want to influence that and place it at the forefront.”

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