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Tome Tip: Our Founder’s Thoughts on Thinking in Color vs. Black and White

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Both hemispheres of the brain work in tandem. When there’s optimal function, the possibilities pertaining to creation are endless and extraordinary. Poet De’Medici draws a picture of what can be achieved by harnessing the brain’s full potential.

“Here’s the thing I’ve learned, having to be the business guy, the guy who wrote the book, who made the music, filmed the documentary: You have a right side of your brain that’s more abstract and the left side that’s more logical. There’s beauty in both. There’s beauty in over the wall colors and bright vividness and there’s beauty in black and white. There’s beauty in both. You choose how to channel the elegant black and white or the radiant and vibrant spectrum of rainbow color. It’s on you.”

“One day you may want to be black and white, walking a dalmatian down the street. And the next day you may want to wear a rainbow - vivid orange, green, blue, and purple. You can have both.”

“I’m using that analogy to illustrate the way we create quality art, experiences, products, and services. I think Apple did it the best. Their architecture is very black and white, and their software is a spectrum of different colors. Hardware is very formal, and software is very abstract and infinite. The mix of both makes the best product possible.”

“At Tomestic, we’re taking that tradition and running with it. There’s no way we’re not a unicorn in the next 6-7 years. By the time we get to 2030, we’re a billion-dollar valuated company. You can try a million times but if you hit once, you can’t change it. You can’t unring a bell. You can fail a million times; you just have to make it once.”

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