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Tome Tip: Our Founder's Take on Knowing the Difference Between Lack and Doubt

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

When building a business, it’s inevitable you’ll encounter a myriad of thoughts and emotions either personally or from your team. Tomestic Founder and CEO, Poet De’Medici, offers valuable insight on what he’s experienced as the leader of a tech startup when dealing with the concepts of lack and doubt.

“People at their core are good. But our hang-ups and insecurities color our decisions. We often confuse lack with doubt. As an innovator, you’re operating in lack which should propel you to fill that empty space. If it’s doubt, you’ve already determined it’s not going to happen. Doubt is a decision and lack is an opportunity.”

“You’ll discover those on your team who understand the true definition of lack and what it represents will be the most loyal. Certain people confuse lack with the emptiness of something because they can’t get out of the nowness of things materializing. Over hundreds, if not thousands of years, we’ve slowly moved away from the concept of patience and what it takes to GROW something. You’ll advance and bond with those who are steadfast, no matter the circumstances.”

“Patience can remind us that we’re responding to a calling. You can never abandon your calling. You can realize why you were in something based upon how you left it. Don’t ever abandon an endeavor without examining WHY. Did you lose sight of your original goal? Did the road become too difficult? What was the real motivation for starting your business? Was it money, power, status, etc.? Or did you honestly have something valuable to offer? When you stick with what's truly YOU, no one can impede your trajectory.”

This message is an excerpt from an interview with Poet and Dave Ledgerwood, host of the Leaders of B2B podcast. You can listen to all of the content here:

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