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Tome Tip: Our Founder’s POV on Proof of Concept and the Personal Side of Business

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

“Before anything, your proof of concept must exist. Then you can start thinking about traction after you’ve hit a wall and realize the idea must now become a business. Figure out whether you have all the tangible and intangible tools to legitimately pitch and receive invitations to incubators and networks. Not everyone has the backbone, hustle, or vision to get to that point. You need to be realistic about what you’re doing for people. That’s all business is.”

“We’ve adopted the idea, which is outdated, that business is not personal when it’s all about people. You’re selling something to people. You can have a cool idea, but how many individuals will be affected by what you’ve developed? It doesn’t matter what the product is, someone sold it somewhere. Look at all the products around your home. Business is very personal. Know who you’re serving.”

“Tomestic offers an alternative. We want to enhance learning retention and the human quality through learning and the medium of books, organically. Within the next ten years, we’re capable of getting our target audience there.”

This message is an excerpt from an interview with Poet and Dave Ledgerwood, host of the Leaders of B2B podcast. You can listen to all of the content here:

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