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Tome Tip: Our Founder Outlines How AI’s Capabilities Will Affect Humans’ Pursuit of Fulfillment

Here’s a quote to ponder: “Your career is what you paid for; your calling is what you’re made for.” Have you ever considered taking a long, hard look at how you’re currently earning a living? Is it truly aligned with your talents and abilities? Is it something you’d do even if it didn’t generate an income?

Tomestic’s Founder and CEO, Poet De’Medici, has some very profound thoughts on the matter that might make you think twice about what the future has in store for those who are simply biding their time until technology takes over. We at Tomestic hope these insights will inspire you to reexamine your professional pursuits.

“Can AI do your job? If it can, then you have to ask, 'Do I love it?' Soon, you won’t get paid to do that anymore. When entrepreneurs and businesspeople can have AI do it, instead of a mass of people, they’re going to choose AI. Because it saves them money and it’s more efficient and a better bet. If AI can do your job, and it’s something you don’t love doing, it's time to figure out what you love to do. Because soon, doing what you don’t love to do will not be good enough. I see that happening. It’s like watching buffalo run to the edge of the mountain and you know what’s about to happen next. I see that happening within the next 10-20 years as Nvidia, Intel, OpenAI, Google, Microsoft - all these companies dealing with AI - are building their engines. The hardware with the software mixed together - it’s about to be crazy in all aspects.”

“The only reason you’re doing what you don’t want to do is because you’re getting paid. But the people who pay you will choose better solutions than you. The very thing that makes you a bad worker is the very thing that makes you a great human. Your ability to f--up, your ability to have emotions, to be overly emotional and not rational, to deal with an inner emotional guidance system that machines don’t have. That ability, I feel, makes you a human. Think of how many people suppress human qualities because it’s not ‘good business.’ AI is already running laps around us. When it gets apparent it’ll be too late.”

“Whatever you really love to do, you never develop the skills to execute that because you put a job you don’t love to do, and your bills over what you really love to do. People have to understand that it may be OK to struggle with your survival just to get where you want to go.”

“Say there’s a bakery with robots baking bread with precision. If you really love baking bread, you’re not going to care about the competition. And your bread is probably going to taste better because it’s made with love. Humans are going to have to follow this trajectory within the next 10-20 years if they truly want to have a positive outcome.”

“I love what AI, what technology is doing because it’s forcing us to be more human. We’re not going to have to be the cold, cut off, emotionless businessperson. There’s no reason to be that anymore. AI can be that way better than you in every capacity.”

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