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Tome Tip: Our Founder Draws the Distinction Between Creation and Discovery

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

There’s a distinct contrast between creation and discovery. Although both are necessary, the process of discovery is a concept, that if executed correctly, will conserve unnecessary energy expended on creation. Poet De’Medici shares his philosophy.

“When you discover a diamond, no matter how rough it is, it’s a diamond. But when you synthesize a diamond in a laboratory, that’s a whole different thing. There’s a reason why rough diamonds you find in mines will always be more expensive than diamonds synthesized through artificial pressure in a laboratory. That’s still an expensive item, because it takes a lot of heavy equipment to recreate a diamond but there’s nothing like the real thing.”

“The ultimate creator (which is your creator, if you want to call it God or whatever it may be), has already completed it. Everything you ask for is already out there; you just need to discover it. People think, “I have a company to run; how am I going to do this?”, “I must create a logo.” Don’t try to create a logo, discover the logo. That means when you discover something as opposed to creating something, not only is it a sacred wisdom, a kind of submission to a power greater than you, but it’s also a very wise and intelligent person who understands that concept. Their level of intelligence is to the point where they understand all probabilities exist.”

“Now we’re going into quantum physics. All probabilities already exist -- the greatest quality of things and the worst quality of things. It all exists. Every thought exists. So, whenever you’re doing something, whether you’re trying to find the perfect song or the perfect husband or wife, it’s all out there. How do you fine tune your mind, body, soul, vibration, or whatever you want to call it, to discover what’s already out there? That perfect song is already in you, you just have to discover it. That perfect tailored dress you’re designing or that perfect household you want to create. Creating a home is no different than designing a Spring collection. You could be Virgil with Louis Vuitton and you’re making pieces that all connect in some way but they’re all individual pieces. It’s the same thing with creating a company. You want to discover that perfect fit and bring it to fruition.”

“Everything is to be discovered because the probability of the best quality or the best experience is in a soup of probabilities with the worst experiences. So, what are you going to pluck out? If you’re intentional, you’ll pluck out the best thing for you, the best quality, the best experiences, the best pieces, or whatever you’re focused on.”

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