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Education's Sustainability Crisis

It’s ironic the institution with the greatest potential impact on the future is fashioned by ideas from the past. The current education system has brought us all to where we are today, but what is it doing to focus on the future? The world is changing, our mentality is changing but our education system as it stands, is not.

Simply stated, education is facing a sustainability crisis. What’s worked in the past will not work in the future. It simply can’t continue in its current state.

Human creativity, energy, motivation, and talent are being lost to a system which is the product of a bygone era. It was designed in the “age of machines”, primarily to produce factory workers. The industrial age mentality of mass production and mass control is still a fixture in schools.

Schools currently promote conformity over diversity. They concentrate on adherence to pre-specified rules over autonomy and self-directed learning. Memorization has eclipsed creative thinking. Individuality is valued above collaboration. Passivity is promoted over self-motivation. Success takes precedence over failure and resilience. Analytical cognitive skills have obliterated the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence and complex ways of thinking.

Education systems have evolved to become centralized which was necessary in a time of information scarcity. Our postindustrial world requires a new set of competencies from us as individuals and our education system as a whole – with a focus on decentralization. What’s needed is an open system to accommodate learning, teaching, and education, wherever and whenever they happen.

Education is no longer limited to a brick building. With the rise of technology, learning can literally happen anywhere and everywhere. Education has become a global sector primed for enormous expansion. For that to happen, the infrastructure must be overhauled.

Tomestic’s approach to learning is naturally “portable”. Four walls are not required for students of all ages and abilities to connect peer-to-peer, an element of our IP that will greatly propel the learning process, yield higher test scores, and create an organic community. The updatable digital content of our Living Books will naturally extend the life of textbook usage and include the application of AR, VR and MR to create an immersive experience not found elsewhere. Equipped with an unparalleled, innovative approach to literature and the full scope of our IP, Tomestic is uniquely positioned to permanently impact academia in the decades to come.

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