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Systems Innovation

At Tomestic, our IP is built upon the premise of Systems Innovation. This complex-sounding term can be described as a combination of systems thinking and the process of innovation which results in transformative change within a complex system.

To break it down further, Systems Thinking is a way of looking at the world holistically. It enables us to examine, analyze and talk about whole systems, rather than focusing on their parts. Innovation means a change to something established, by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

Complex Systems are large-scale mechanisms or interconnecting networks composed of many interdependent parts that are relatively autonomous (can function on their own). Examples are the many existing systems that revolve around entities such as food, politics, health, and finance. Using systems thinking enables transformative change within these complex systems.

Innovation is about the creation of something new and valuable that results in its adoption and implementation to change the established way of doing things which leads to new relevancy. It’s a response to the environment, seeing how the world is changing and building something useful for the world of tomorrow; an introduction of a new solution that adapts and aligns with the current environment.

Traditional thinking sees innovation as incremental which means a focus on parts within a system (e.g., a better car or phone). The world of today demands a form of innovation that considers the ENTIRE system. We’re on the brink of The Fourth Industrial Revolution which represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work, and relate to one another. It’s a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology. With this in mind, we must quickly pivot from things to systems. For instance, building a “smart” interconnected community as opposed to an ordinary collection of homes.

What does innovation look like when you’re dealing with a complex system? It requires a change of scale and quality.

Systems thinking looks at the world through the lens of connections, patterns of organization and how the system behavior emerges from those patterns. It’s aimed at changing the basic structure of an organization. It’s less about changing the parts than changing HOW those parts connect to generate a different form of emergent behavior and functionality within the whole system. It doesn’t focus on realizing a small percentage of growth but rewrites the rules of the entire system.

Tomestic is taking the quantum leap needed to anticipate what's next within existing systems. Our IP is a hybrid medium of publishing, digital production and information technology that merges physical and digital worlds to create an immersive reading experience. Visit tomestic.com for further evidence of how we plan to alter the current perception of learning retention. #systemsinnovation#technologysolutions

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