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How do Children naturally learn

By observing, listening, questioning, experimenting, and other ways of exploring, they acquire an enormous amount of knowledge about the physical and social world around them.

One method of exploring is through the written word. We all know reading is a fundamental skill. But have you ever thought of the written language as a code to be deciphered? How can we efficiently teach children methods to understand it? Systematic phonics is one approach, but there’s more to fully understanding what's on the page. Children need to comprehend what they read. If they cannot decipher words, they’ll never become fluent readers. Mastery of reading is a combination of decoding ability and language comprehension. Both are essential to learning.

Tomestic's mission is to reach and teach kids of all ages by incorporating extended reality via patented technology such as our Organic Living Book. Blending traditional and technological, our IP merges physical and digital worlds to radically transform the user’s reading experience. Music, video and animation are just a few of the elements that will vastly impact learning comprehension.

With all Tomestic plans to offer in the education sphere, the future is indeed bright for the next generation. #readingcomprehension#studentengagement#educationtechnology#augmentedreality

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