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How Can Deep Learning Improve Your Life?

Now that we’ve officially entered an era when machines can learn to solve complex problems without human intervention, what exactly are the problems they’re tackling? Here are several tasks Deep Learning (DL) supports today. It’s inevitable the list will expand as the algorithms continue to learn via the infusion of data.

Virtual Assistants -- Whether it’s Alexa or Siri or Cortana, the virtual assistants of online service providers use DL to help understand your speech and the language humans use when they interact with them.

Chatbots and Service Bots -- Chatbots and service bots that provide customer service for companies can respond in an intelligent and helpful way to an increasing amount of auditory and text questions thanks to DL.

Translations -- In a similar way, DL algorithms can automatically translate between languages. This can be particularly useful for travelers, businesspeople, and those in government.

Image Creation and Colorization -- DALL-E2 is a brand-new tool that can transform a voice command into an image with unlimited variations. A graphics background is no longer required to create innovative “art”. Transforming black-and-white images into color was once a task performed meticulously by human hand. Today, DL algorithms can use the context and objects in the images to recreate the black-and-white image in color. The results are impressive and accurate.

Vision for Driverless Delivery Trucks, Drones, and Autonomous Cars -- How an autonomous vehicle understands the realities of the road and how to respond to them whether it’s a stop sign, a ball in the street or another vehicle is through deep learning algorithms. The more data the algorithms receive, the better they can act more human-like in their information processing, for instance, knowing a stop sign covered with snow is still a stop sign.

Facial Recognition -- DL is being used for facial recognition not only for security purposes but for tagging people on Facebook posts. Soon, we could have the ability to pay for items based on facial recognition.

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals -- From disease and tumor diagnoses to personalized medicines created specifically for an individual’s genome, DL in the medical field has the attention of many of the most influential companies.

Personalized Shopping and Entertainment -- How does Netflix suggest what you should watch next? Where does Amazon discover ideas for a future purchase? The answer: DL algorithms.

It’s inevitable that DL algorithms will gain increasing effectiveness as they continue to touch virtually every aspect of our lives. There’s no doubt the future will be interesting, to say the least, as this technology continues to evolve.

DL, an essential component of Tomestic’s Organic Living Book (OLB), will deliver a profound immersive experience for readers as described by CEO and Founder, Poet De’Medici, “Our OLB is a living entity and can’t exist without the element of DL which is AI at the deepest level of its function. The OLB is designed to collect data and make predictive outputs to further upgrade the front and back end to make it better service and product.”

“The ultimate objective is to create a seamless cycle of learning -- AI learning from the user to the user learning from the content to Tomestic learning from the user and AI.”

Tomestic’s intent is to permanently transform the pursuit of knowledge. DL technology is an essential element in our endeavor to revitalize the education landscape and thereby transform the lives of readers across the globe.

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