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From Ed to Ar(t)

Though Augmented Reality (AR) seems to have found its first applications in education, it's certainly come a long way since.

It was only a matter of time before artists got involved, and in our day and age, that includes street artists. A discipline fraught with many challenges, AR offers some interesting solutions for bypassing some of the more difficult (not to mention illegal) aspects of the street art community.

Artists like Florida-based Luis Valle, who has been experimenting with AR in his street art practice, are using these technologies to expand the possibilities of their art and add dimensions to bring their already visually-stunning work to even higher levels.

There is seemingly no end to applications for AR, and certainly we're already seeing what it can do to enhance traditional media and add both educational and aesthetic layers.

Stay tuned - Tomestic is doing for literature what's been done for street art: bringing it alive.

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