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Book Alive!

According to UNESCO, the number of books published in a country every year is an important indicator of that country's vitality, an "important index of standard of living, education, and of a country's self-awareness" (Wresch, William. Have and Have-Nots in the Information Age. Rutgers University Press, 1996)

Whether published through traditional publishing houses, or self-published, and while it's difficult to get numbers, it's suggested that as many as 2.2 million books are published every year, and that number has been growing steadily.

But while there seems to be an increasing need to publish, the reading public of yesterday is no longer. Increasingly, today's reader is looking at a screen, or listening while walking, driving, or doing the dishes. Who has the time or attention span to just sit for a long period of time and look at a paper book? It seems that fewer people do.

Enter Tomestic. We love books. We want people to blow the dust off those glorious old tomes and discover them anew. We want to reintroduce the classics and revitalize them with extended reality. We want to take the reading experience to the next level.

Through the use of our patent-pending technology, the application of our methods of incorporating Extended Realities like Augmented Reality, we are on a mission to bring books alive and create a whole new reading public.

Is the future of reading listening? Is it physical books? Is it e-books? The future of reading is the meeting of these and more, of enhanced reading experiences, and whether for pleasure or education, the future of reading is exciting. Prepare to be Tomesticated!

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