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Tomestic merges physical and digital worlds to create an immersive reading experience.


Reinventing The Way The World Sees Books

App Feature

Traditional Learning

(The Past)

  • Low learning retention

  • Evaluated using outdated standardized testing

  • Creates boredom and anxiety in everybody

  • An emphasis on rote learning

  • Rarely skill based

  • Reduced affordability

  • Behind the digital Revolution

Immersive Learning

(The Future)

  • Can occur in any environment with few limitations 

  • Increases learning retention by 100%

  • Continued learning post immersive experience

  • More engaging and reduces anxiety 

  • Encourages peer to peer learning

  • Ever evolving

  • Extremely affordable

  • Compliments the digital revolution

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We plan to Tomesticate all books making, all traditional books Living Books! 


/tohm/ . noun

A book, especially one that is large

heavy, and scholastic.

/de'mestik/ . adj


Of or relating to the home, 

the household affairs, or the family.


/toh mestik/ . pronoun

Tomestic is an extended reality company

that creates an immersive reading experience.

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Tomestic is a Multifaceted company spanning from Education, Entertainment, even to new innovative technologies such as the Organic Living Book  

Visual Here

Tomestic Patent

Into The Metaverse

With so many companies creating hardware such as augmented reality glasses, Tomestic aims to make participating in the metaverse an everyday practical experience (Read more)

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