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Poet Lemar debut novella is a compelling blend of history and fiction that transports you to a unique place in Atlanta, circa 1857. He cast a lense on an underground subculture of human breeding which incorporated systematic rape and human degradation - a form of capitalism at its most heinous.

In 1808. the transatlantic slave trade was abolished which promoted slave owners to find other means to maximize their slave population. Enter Cerbe Parsley, a seventeen-year-old stockman who travels from plantation to plantation with the sole purpose of breeding with young slave girls. His journey is one of self-examination and inner-transformation as he navigates a harsh environment that reduces him to a mere commodity.  A rich exploration of a uniquely human experience. Above You, A Black Sun challenges all readers to look through the eyes of an innocent soul forced into a cruel, upside down underworld which relentlessly demands his reluctantly participation.

Above You, A Black Sun eBook

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