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What's in a book?

Most people today probably don't think of a book as a sophisticated piece of technology, but it is. The form of the book has been refined over centuries to become an incredibly efficient way of storing and retrieving and interacting with information. To communicate.

While physical, printed books haven't changed a lot over the last couple of decades (not counting the many offspring of the book: the graphic novel, audio books, to mention two), people have, and so have the way people store, retrieve, and interact with information. Whether the changed methods are better in terms of user experience or even efficiency is debatable, but what's not debatable is that people spend considerably fewer hours today interacting with the printed word than they do with screens.

At Tomestic, we don't see the future as belonging to the analog world of print or to the digital screen-based world but to a world which harnesses the best of the analog and the digital to bring books to life. Augmented or Extended Realities applied to books hold the possibility of making reading books not only enjoyable for reluctant readers, but exciting!

For most of the history of the printed word, it's been assumed that a book was the finished product. With Tomestic, a revolution is coming. Every book ever printed is set to be Tomesticated, brought to life.

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