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Cool Story, Bro.

The world has changed a lot since Gutenberg's innovation of the moveable type printing press was introduced in the 15th century.

Now we live in a world filled with books -- but who is reading them? The 'reading public' which once was is no longer, and the reason is partly that people don't find books as engaging as they once did.

Books haven't changed much, but people have.

Tomestic aims to change books, to bring them alive, to enhance the 'user experience' to make them more engaging -- to revitalize literature and breath new life into old books.

At Tomestic, we love books. New books, old books, all books. It's sad to us that there are so many great books out there that no one is enjoying, not to mention an incredible waste.

Through modern techniques like Augmented Reality, we can add layers of experience to any text, new or old, to make them vital and engaging as never before - and as we know, the key to education is engagement.

Tomestic is positioned with proprietary, patent-pending technology and innovations to revolutionize the word of print and other media on a level not seen since Gutenberg started printing five centuries ago.

Prepare to be Tomesticated.

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