The Living Book Experience
Read as a traditional book, Above You A Black Sun is a profound and moving story. 

Paired with Tomestic's app, Above You a Black Sun becomes a 21st century literary experience, a Living Book. Music, video and animation emerge from the pages through the use of Augmented Reality technology to create an immersive visual and auditory experience. This, layered on a tale crafted through the eyes, words, and thoughts of the main character, transports you the reader from being a witness to a story, to a participant in a Living the Book. 

The Novella Series, Part 1  

Above You A Black Sun is a compelling blend of history and fiction that explores the harsh and largely untold story of stockmen in the antebellum South. Told from the perspective of a 17 year old slave, Cerebe Parsley, the novella follows his journey toward freedom and fatherhood. Through Cerebe's eyes, gentle words and honorable actions, we experience the cruel struggle of finding one's true identity in a world that viewes you as chattel, and tells to you to treat others as even less.

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